Vit C IV (Kidney Cancer)

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Hey all, I’m trying to find Vit C IV. I am in the UK and would much rather one of my friends (a nurse) to admin it rather than going into a clinic where the cost has been considerably bumped up. If anyone knows, please get in touch. I’ve also researched that Tapioca, Camu Camu and other natural forms of vitamin c is more better, can anyone shed light? Happy to hear where I can source natural vit c and synthetic. I have kidney cancer. One kidney left after removal of other kidney (radical nephrectomy ) where cancer was but I have a small growth in remaining kidney but small enough to reverse or shrink whilst there is still time so anyon who knows, please let me Know. 

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    Please make sure that you get

    Please make sure that you get the standard of care so that it doesn't get any bigger.  Even though the costs are sometimes so high, you have to do what is best for you in the long run!!! Good luck.