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I was looking up the nutrition for leeks, and saw lots of articles that leeks help fight colon cancer. Have any of you heard about this? And I happen to love leeks, so would eat them a few times a week  if it is true.


  • Trubrit
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    I love Leeks...

    and have eaten them regularly since I was a little girl. My dad used to grow them. Yet I still got Colon Cancer, so who knows how effective they are. 

    I don't think its something that you would need to go crazy eating, especially seeing that you already have CRC, but they are definitely a healthy vegetable, so it certainly wouldnt hurt for them to be a part of a healthy diet. 


  • SandiaBuddy
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    I do not think there is any magic bullet, but it makes sense to me to eat natural, whole foods--and leeks certainly meet that description!  Plus, it seems sometimes the body tells you what it needs (as long as it's not donuts), so it makes sense to listen.

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    Green Onion bunch

    It's not the same, but a smaller version of the leeks.  Everyday for 15 years I've eaten about 9-10 green onions.  I've always loved them.  They also have good benefits to the body as well.  If you are destined for cancer, sometimes no matter what you eat, drink or breath, you're going to get it.