I’m Back!

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I joined the prostate cancer forum Fall 2009 just before my robotic, radical prostatectomy.  My PSA was undetectable for 5 years.  Then I ate some bad duck in late summer 2014, got campilobacter infection, caused renal failure, creatinine went to 6.7.   After 4 days in ICU they decided to scan my kidneys to see if there was any physical damage and found a "shadow."  Referred to a urologist who perfomed a left nephrectomy on me, kidney and tumors removed were the size of a football. Pathology showed clear cell renal carcinoma. During the pre-op labs they discovered my PSA was back (0.21). 3 months after my nephrectomy I began radiation and androgen deprivation therapy for my recurrent PC.

I was in semiannual CT scans for ~3 years then moved to annual. My first annual scan showed tumors in my pancreas. Had a robotic distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy Sept 2018 and put back on semiannual scans. Again,pathology showed clear cell renal carcinoma. 3 scans in a row were good. 

My wife's annual mammogram in late Sept this year showed a tumor.  She had a bilateral mastectomy in late Oct. My semiannual scan 2 weeks later revealed 3 new renal cell tumors around my diaphragm and are inoperable. Referred to a medical oncologist who is planning to put me in 2-year, Yervoy-OPDIVO immunotherapy shortly after interventional radiology confirms the diagnosis with a needle biopsy. 

At least my PSA is staying undetectable!

Does anyone on the forum have experience with the Yervoy-OPDIVO protocol?  Potential side effects are pretty scary. 

More as my journey continues. 

Not relevant to this forum but I cannot express strongly enough the importance of annual mammograms!  My wife has always had good reports until this one. They caught it early and saved her life!