anyone had cataract removal after total body radiation and now have 24/7 eyepain? Stories about lasi

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I am a 30 year survivor and even back then I was told that down the road I will have early arthritis from the total body radiation I had during my autologus bone marrow transplant plus will have to have early cataracts removed too.  I had a lot more side effects than just those too but of course who would have thought I would have survived this long either.  Anyways, one of the other issues I have dealt with their attribute radiation/chemo drugs too is perepheral neuropathy of hands and feet/legs but I was wondering about a story that has been circulating of late and a couple of years ago too about 24/7 eye pain that lasix eye patients got that has basically crippled them with pain.  They are saying that these patients had corneal neura;gia but didn't realize it and when the eye surface was cut this triggered the pain they have to endure now.  I don't remember any of my doctors ever mentioning this as a diagnosis of something I have but my question is that if I have nerve damage which I clearly do is there a risk of this kind of horrendous eye pain for me too?  Now my surgery isn't lasix but there is some mention of a bit of lasix used in the surgery so clearly I have to get that straight too but to me cutting the eye which seems to be a problem anyways knife or lasix = could either cause the issue fo chronic pain?  I have enough chronic pain and to think I could come out with more is unthinkable.  I will contact my doctors, neurologist, transplant surgeon, GP, opthamolgy surgeon and make sure the decision to go ahead with the surgery is a good move or not. If not then what? Yup, blindness.  Has anyone else come across this issue and if so what have you found out?  I had non hodgkins lymphoma diagnosed in 1989 with transplant on recurrance in 1991.  Would be very interested in your thoughts and opinions.  Thank you.