Current Stage 2 Inoperable for family member




so my relative who is over 65 was diagnosed last year. This past weekend we went early to go with them for surgery. It turns out no surgery can be done and the pancreatic cancer has spread.


naturally this is a very scary thing to hear. We know the cancer is not curable. They will continue to fight and undergo more chemotherapy. 

I don't know what to expect next.


any advice is appreciated. There will be a meeting with surgeon to get someone else as oncologist closer to where my relative lives.


thank you. 


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    sorry no one responded to

    sorry no one responded to your post earlier.  I just saw it.  This is a hard situation.  Just make sure that the onocolgist that your relative does get is a good one, or that they still consult with a good oncologist.  To make sure that they get the best treatment possible.