24 hour urine test I am frustrated! Please help


Hi all, my name is andrea and I have been dealing with symptoms for over a year have seen rheumatologist, cardiologist and now hemotologist oncologist symptoms: swelling in right arm and hand turns purple joints hurt elbow knee right hip and hand and really bad lower back pain, exhausted all the time as well 

Did blood test so far kappa lambda serum are normal 

Though i do have high sed rate high c reactive protien

High white blood cell count

And high kappa light chain in urine and abnormal kappa/lambda ratio in urine.( reason why rheumatologist referred me to hema/onc)

Now I had blood drawn again and in the process of collecting 24 hour urine test. I have no idea what is happening in or what way I am heading. Rheumatologist diagnosed me with kappa light chain disease yet hemo/onc said nothing at appt. So I am lost confused and tired. Reason I am scared is becuase my dad had sternum. Plascymatoma (dont k wo if I spelled that correct) then he had non hodgkins lymphoma then lastly multiple myeloma he passed away at the age of 48 was diagnosed at the age of 33. So I am a little scared. Any advice or anyone in similar situations at this point I just want some kind of insight and or advice. 

Thank you, and very much appreciated for any responses. 


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    24 hour urine test I am frustrated


    I have had MM for 23 months, I did chem and a Stem cell transplant and a 24 urine and bone marrow test showed no active cancer. My PET scan came back with a mass near my spine. Plasma cytoma. This ment my MM had morphed int a new type of MM that doesn't give off a M spike, ( the reason the 24 urine was negitive) and it can grow anywhere in my body. I have started a new regement of chemo and hopeing to get ahead again. I have a extremly good team of doctors and trust thier knowledge. 

    Hope this helps,