Splenic marginal zone lymphoma

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integrative Medicine for SMZL 


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    Could you be more specific?

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    Integrative Medicine

    What type of integrative medicine is available for SMZL?

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    I’m currently being treated with ibrutinib. Anyone experienced with this drug

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    Not yet. It is my next optiomn if Ruxolitinib (Jakafi) stops working. Being the new class of non-chemo "inhibitor class" drugs, Ibrutinib is generally better tolerated than chemotherapy and is a therapy which targets the malignant cells. From what I hear, it does have its side-effects nonetheless.

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    New here. I'm 66. Also dealing with Stage 4 Marginal Zone Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Been doing Chemo with Ruxolitinib for a little over a year. They have so many different categories of this cancer. Hard to know what is what.

    I also was just diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer. Scheduling 28 days of Radiation starting some time in April. Doing all pre-op testing and procedures now.

    Already a Bladder Cancer survivor and have COPD.

    All this while still trying to work full time.

    Getting a little frustrated, but not showing it to others. Have to put on the happy face and just deal with it.

    Just need to get it off my chest.