Biomimetics in lung cancer

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I recently found about some nanorobots that can help with cancer treatment, these nanorobots can eliminate tumors by cutting the blood supply from the tumors, this was discovered by Arizona State University (ASU) and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nanorobots start working when the tumor is located, a enzime called "thrombin" is placed over a DNA sheet which can be folded to have different shapes or sizes, this sheet starts folding itself until it haves a cylindrical shape, then goes into the human body and once it gets near the place where the tumor is located, it unfolds itself so the thrombin can start the process of coagulation, so all the blood stops its normal circulation, in aproximately 48 hours the tumor has no blood to do all their natural funcitons, so it slowly dies, this has been proved in rats and pigs because of the easy way to replicate different types of cancer and also this has been the way the tumor can be eliminated because a lot of different types of cancer caused by tumors can be attacked in similar ways beucase that is how tumors normally work.

Also, these experiments haven't left any bad effects or consequences on this animals, but it has not been proved on humans yet, there is still a lot of investigation to do before we start checking its behavior on human beings. Although, it is a huge accomplishment because we need to start looking for different solutions to fight cancer due to its behavior depending on the human body it is located, which organ it is affecting and what  are some conditions this cancerous cells are put up to.


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    That's wonderful news. I wish

    That's wonderful news. I wish they would start now.