Pathology report not so good from Look See

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My onc doc just called with the path report. There was UPSC tissue within the clotted blood mass. She cleaned the vagina out so all growth is removed for now. She suggested we wait and see what the next visit shows as it took almost a year to show up again. If there is regrowth, she said we would talk treatment but for now, would just watch and see. That suits me fine and I am so grateful she took the approach she did and took me to the OR for the removal so she could get all evidence. I am only telling you, fellow warriors, as my children are all so busy and the holiday season is approaching. I have learned to take all of this in stride as I feel fine physically and there are no other signs other than that silent reappearing in the vagina. This type of cancer is so strange as it seems to erupt one way in one and another way in another. I am also glad that I have some time to think about what more treatment I am willing to do. So, good buddies, that is the news for now. I think every one of us contributes to our fight as we learn more about what is done, why, and when.



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    I'm sorry to hear this news

    I'm sorry to hear this news from your pathology report. All the more reason to be glad that you had the procedure done in the OR so that the area could be cleanly excised. Time enough to think about next steps if something else pops up. But in the meantime, enjoy your current wellbeing and the holidays with your family.

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    Hugs to you.  You are a rock for so many of us here, and I'm thankful for your calm, positive spirit.  I love your unselfish heart, sparing your children worry until you see where it's going, and I love that you feel free to come here and unpack it all with us.  I pictured you impressing the heck out of the hospital staff as you impressed me with your description of just hanging out there on a mini reading vacation.  Anyway, I'm in a whirl with my husband's retirement party (an uncomfortably large military ceremony and reception) coming next Friday, and my 2-year PET scan just two days before it when all the relatives are arriving.  I will find out my results on Monday Nov 4, and I'm scared of this one.  (I was scared last year too but I feel a little different this year so am a little more scared.)  All that to say, I haven't posted or commented regularly in the past several weeks because all I have time to do is read the updates, but please know that I have been cheering you on and I'm so very grateful that you have shown us how to do recurrence with grace.  Much love!

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    Wait and watch. Seems like whack a mole. Know the feeling. Thoughts with you. 

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    I know it's not the best news

    I know it's not the best news but not the worst either. I agree with you 100% about making your own decisions based on the facts but it sure makes a person feel better when your doctor agrees with you. And, who knows, maybe what they found was it! This UPSC sure is sneaky stuff but it can be beaten as some of the ladies on this board have proven.



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    That is not what we wanted to hear

    Such a sneaky disease.   Have you had genetic testing done before? Just wondering.   I am sending love and hugs and all good thoughts to you.  

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    Im glad you had it checked out when you did.  The watch and see approach I am so familiar with.  I love your positive approach.  Hugs to you.  


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    Aw, this isn't easy business

    Donna, none of this is easy as you know.  Not easy to hear, not easy to get through, and not easy to hold it all in or all together.  I admire that you want to save your children from hearing this right now.  I think I would feel the same way.  I wish you all the best of everything.

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    I am sorry to hear about your

    I am sorry to hear about your pathology report but so glad that you got that checked and the whole thing was removed in the OR. Your watch and see approach makes perfect sense to me. I admire the way you are handling this new development. Wishing you all the best!

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    Donna, thanks for letting us

    Donna, thanks for letting us know. I sure wish it was better news. Like I said before, I am so glad you have such a great doctor. 

    I know you will continue to stay strong through this and enjoy the heck out of every healthy day you have. 


    We are all here for you on the good days and bad. Please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Sorry to hear it was there,

    Sorry to hear it was there, hopefully it's all gone.  I completely agree with your not sharing the news with the family at this point.  Glad we are here for each other, since you know that we all understand!

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    Dear Faye, I'm sorry to hear

    Dear Faye, I'm sorry to hear this.  I am glad to hear the approach fit your plans.  Sometimes just getting a doctor in sync with our thoughts is a win.  We are here.

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    A plan in the making

    I thank all of you for your support and knew it would be forthcoming! I see the doc on Nov.12 for the surgery followup and will have some serious questions for her. I am also thinking of selling my townhouse, hanging my hat at my son's, and hitting the road for the next few months. Then IF the cancer returns at the next check, will have another plan in place. I know that sounds crazy for a 79.5 year old woman, but I am strong physically now and not too addled in the head. It would begin as travel to visit friends and family and then perhaps England in the spring. Not sharing this with anyone except the lady who stands ready to buy my house and my son to see if I can have the spare room. Then will see what happens. I'll keep you posted for your input.

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    Your plans sounds good to me

    It doesn't sound crazy.  Why not.  I know of a greaat dude ranch.   Just living while you are living is a wonderful sound.   And hopefully that biopsy shows nothing more anywhere else.  I am hoping for good news at your Nov. 12 appointment.

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    Sounds like a great plan

    Donna Faye, your plan sounds like a great one to me.  Your case is quite unusual, so I think watching and waiting to see how things play out is a wise approach.  I hope your November appointment brings you only good news! 

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    Travel health insurance

    for foreign countries does not cover unstable conditions, in other words, requiring new treatment in the last 6 months.  Just check it out before trravelling to foregin countries.  

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    Donna Faye's plan

    I love everything about this plan! Live while you have energy to live. Enjoy all the people and places you want while you feel well and can enjoy them. You are strong, lucid and able. Go for it. I admire you and find you inspiring.

    IF the cancer returns you can decide what you want to do then. If it doesn't then keep going where you want to go and enjoying yourself.


    I recently got seriously ill in Prague. Got on a plane and flew right back for treatment. Travel insurance covered the unused flight I didn't take for my scheduled return.  I have so many wonderful memories of my trip and do NOT regret going one bit! There are direct flights from cities in England to cities in the USA everyday. 


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    Donna. I am so sorry to hear the news of your pathology report. My heart goes out to you... Sounds like you have a very good and well thought out plan. Whatever you do it will be right for you and don’t look back and second guess your decisions. We are all behind you and will give you strength through our positive thoughts and prayers. You have been so helpful and supportive all of us in this forum. I only hope that we can support you in some way. ((Hug))



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    Thank you, Donna Faye

    Sorry to hear that your news wasn't good, but it's so encouraging to hear about your plans.  I hope one day to achieve the attitude you have!  Best wishes to you, and may you never again hear, "It's cancer."

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    What great plans

    I vote to do it!  If you post your adventures, we can share. 

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    So sorry the news wasn't

    So sorry the news wasn't better. Traveling sounds like a great plan. When my oncologist called me back in August with diagnosis of recurrence, one of my first questions was should my husband and I take our 50th wedding anniversary trip a year early. We didn't take that trip, yet, but are traveling when we can. Enjoy!

    Donna Faye, you were fairly new on this board when I joined in 2017 with a diagnosis very similar to yours. You are an inspiration!