Anyone use Subsys (fentanyl under tongue spray for severe pain?

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I was called by my oncologist's nurse this afternoon  with an update on my pain med refill.  We have been trying to get my subsys refilled for the past two weeks (since my last treatment) and it was taking much longer than usual to get a call from the specilaity pharmacy  to schedule a delivery day and time.   When the nurse called today she told me that the pharmacy told here that the could no longer fill the subsys because the company that makes it went bankrupt.  

I went online to see what was going on and it seems that the company filed bankruptcy in large part due to a $225 million settlement kinda forced on them by the Justice dept.  This development has left me in  a bind since I have been using this for my severe rectal pain episodes for the past 6 months or so.  I still have access to my patch, which I have to wear 24/7 but If I have a bad episode (these usually last for a few days right after pumpdown.) i have no pain med to help address the breakthrough pain that comes with these episodes.  Right this second, I am doing fine pain wise and haven't needed the subsys for a three or four days now.  This could change with my next trip to the bathroom and I am screwed if that happens.   I have chemo tuesday so next week will be trying for sure.

I just wanted to pass this info along in case anyone else is using subsys for pain, if so you probably should contact your doctor to begin to search for an alternative.


forgot to add the link:,debt%20as%20of%20March%2031.