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Hi I'm Sunny and I'm from Florida. I am 55 and I found out last week I have vulva cancer. I'm still pretty dazed and am finding it scary to be heading into all this with no sense of control whatsoever and what seems to be an endless stream of questions and fear. Will be having a Pet Scan soon then all the press surgery lab work before I have a radical vulvectomy and the lymph nodes in my groin removed. The idea of all that pain freaks me out as does the fact that I will no longer have vag lips. I'm a pants girl so I'm hoping after I heal up that I'll still be able to wear them. Doctor told me we won't know what stage cancer I have until he operates, or whether or not I'll have any sort of reconstruction. Not known if I'll have chemo or radiation either. I am very frightened too that I'll be financially tapped out despite the fact that I have insurance. I will have to look into unemployment or temporary disability because I'm currently unemployed and it looks like recovery will be taking 8 weeks or so? If there's anyone especially from Florida who has any experience in this regard please reply. I hate feeling so helpless and am trying to stay positive. It's just hard because I'm so overwhelmed.


Hope to hear from you all soon.




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    Hello! I am from the uterine cancer board. I just saw your posting. I am sorry to see no one has responded to your posting. I hope you will see my response. Even though I had uterine cancer their are some similarities in terms of surgery, chemo and radiation as possible treatments. You most likely have had your surgery by now. Please post again and I will respond. Your fear and uncertainty are same experience most of us have. Also being unemployed and the financial burden is very tough but there are ways to get through it all. 



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    How did your surgery/ treatment go? I would be very interested to hear from you.

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    Hi Sunny, I hope you are on the mend. I can so relate to being dazed and given much more information than you can process right away. I haven't had surgery yet, but mine is VIN 2 on the perineum. I see the surgeon on 8/15. Do you have a good support system? Do you have help at home. I'm sure there are many different services there locally that you can take advantage of right now. Maybe someone at your job could help you with unemployment/temp disability. Look forward to hearing. Sending love and light. Belinda 💗