Signet Ring features?

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Hello Everyone..


I am so glad to have found this web site and this community. Last June my husband was diagnosed with Rectal cancer, adenocarcinoma with signet ring, stage 2/3. Everything we found online referencing signet ring was ominous and we've been trying to understand what it means to have signet ring 'features'. Today I asked his oncologist what does it mean that he has signet ring type cancer, she said, no he has adenocarcinoma with signet ring features. OK.. can you explain to me what that means to have 'features'?  She said, I can't really, you would have to go to medical school.  *sigh*

When it was discovered he had signet ring alarm bells went off with all his Dr's and the urgency to get him into treatment was off the charts, so to me this 'feature' is significant.

Has anyone had their Doctor explain to them what it means to have signet ring features?  I'm not a Dr. but I'm educated and would be able to understand if anyone could explain.

Any information is apprecaite...thank you!



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    I would find another

    I would find another oncologist if ever one spoke to me in the manner yours did. It's their job to explain to you what each of the medical jargon means.

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    That is not type of answer to give a patient or caregiver and I'm sorry, but I'm unable to help you as well.  There are others that have had this on the board, and I'm sure that they can give you a much better explanation than your doctor and they haven't been to medical school.  Hoping that you get the answers you need.


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    Hello Tina

    I am sorry that your husband has been diagnosed, and even more sorry that his Oncologist was so flippant with you.  I would press them again for more information, and ask them to descibe it in its simplest terms.  

    It sounds like you may not have enough time to go searching for a new Oncologist, though it does give you a second opinion and maybe more info. 

    I also cannot help you. there are a few others here that have discussed Signet Ring  and may know what 'features' mean. 

    If I were to hazzard a guess, I would say that the 'features' meant that there were some signs of signet ring, but not all.  

    Don't be bothering yourself with the stats. Most of us were given the 'Five year survial' talk and all of the percentages. They are just numbers. I was given five years sentence seven years ago, and sit here today, NED - No Evidence of Disease. 

    After the inital shock of being told the stats, I just decided there and then that someone has to be in survival group, so that could be me. If they say 80% pass in five years, just ignore that and think your hubby will be in that 20% group. And that is important for HIM to think that even more. 

    I wish you both all the best, and look forward to getting to know you here on the forum. 


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    Thanks for the responses &

    Thanks for the responses & the support,s I'm still searching for information. I can't even begin to explain the journey aka he'll we've been through to get to this oncologist to start treatment, so unfortunately we have to stay with her. She is the 2nd on that told me I would need to go to medical school to understand his diagnosis. 

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    Signet Cell

    Hi Tina,

    I was Dx'ed in 2012 with stage 3 signet cell colon cancer.  I will be NED 8 years in Jan.

    My onc discussed it is rare/agressive, but we both agreed that all cancer really is.  It comes down to the shape of the cancer cell as a signet like a ring.

    Mine was on the ascending colon side.  So I had surgery and 12 rounds of Oxi and 5FU.

    The patient is NOT a statistic - that's step 1, step 2 - be comfortable with your husband's Onc, you can always change.  THe patient is in control of their decisions. 

    The best to you and your husband.  You can PM me if you like.

    And tell your husband there are long term signet cell survivors (8 years) - like me.