77 year old father with malignant lung tumor

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I am new to these forums.  Just posting looking for support.  My 77 year old dad had a lung biopsy last week and we found out today that the mass at the top of his left lung is malignant.  No idea as to which kind of cancer or stage yet, we will have a consultation with the oncologist next week.  My dad has lost a good amount of weight in the past 4 months and is experiencing back pain and swollen ankles and feet.  All signs point to advanced cancer.  On the plus side, he is not coughing, though is quite short of breath, and the mass is only in one lung as far as we know.

I am frustrated because a suspicious "spot" was detected on my dad's lung after he had a fall in March.  It took three months to get him in for a CT scan another four months to get the biopsy done.  Several reasons for the delay, including  a move to get our parents closer to my sister and myself.  I am worried as to how much that delay cost us.

My dad has a surprising amount of energy, but looks so thin and frail.  I am afraid he will not be able to tolerate many therapies.

Any advice or support welcome.

Thank you,