Atypical Cells (F.E.A.), 3 clusters of Calcifications, Excision Surgery or Not?

  • Strong Family History of Breast Cancer:  Mother age 62 (aggressive), Recent Survivor & Maternal Granmother (Deceased)
  • Fibrous and Dense Breast Tissue
  • Age 42
  • Three clusters of microcalcifications (2 biopsied, 1 new, fast growing)
  • Flat Epithelial Atypical Cells Present

I have been beside myself confused since January of this year and I am still dealing with the emotional stress and confusion of how to proceed with this evolving, complex scenario.  I just completed another round of extremely painful mamograms today of at least 15 images.  About 6-7 months ago my first radiologist discovered two clusters of calcifications that were not overly suspicious.  I opted due to fear and family history to do the stereotactic biopsy of both clusters.  They came back benign, but postive for F.E.A. (Atypical cells known to be high risk to develop in to D.C.I.S.- Ductal Carcinoma).  With little, thorough information I was being forced to a surgical consult feeling like hearded cattle.  

I then switched radiology teams and did a follow-up of the biopsied breast today.  The new radiologist found a new, third cluster of calcifications.  She at first recommended surgical excision.  AFter I hesitated, she said we could do another stereotactic biopsy to determine of this cluster also has F.E.A. cells.  

Here is my issue:  I feel like I am being led in circles.  Do I walk and say forget it all and roll the dice and return to yearly mammograms?  After insurance, these biopsies are almost $4K. I bite the bullet and have all three clusters removed by surgery and analyzed by the pathology team to indeed rule out D.C.I.S?  I feel so lost and confused.  This is an expensive overreaction to make.  However, it is a more costly underreaction if I develop cancer down the road.  

I have another meeting with my surgeon next week to analyze the new images.  I read some other posts to visit with an oncologist for a consult as well?  This F.E.A. topic is such a grey area.  And all the radiologists can tell me is that they don't know enough information about my situation to tell me not to have the removal surgery.  I am so frustrated and feeling defeated.  I could really use some advice from someone that has been in my shoes.  :'-(.  After all of these radiology appointments I do not feel educated enough to decide whether or not to make the call to have these clusters removed.