PSA level 8 post prostate surgery and radiation


Had prostate removed 10 years ago and have had radiation. PSA levels have risen over the last few years and have doubled from 4 to 8 in a years span. What say you?


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    Next step?


    If it was me I would go see your Urologist and Oncologist and see what course of action they recommend. We are not doctors but cancer survivors, can you tell us a little more about your cancer? Have the doctors located where the cancer is? Prostate bed? Lungs? Spine? Kidneys? Bladder?

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    Next step?

    I agree with Dave above. You need further treatment so that you better get back to your doctor. Most probably they will recommend starting hormonal treatment or chemotherapy depending on the present cancer status.

    In my lay opinion, the doubling of the PSA in one year represents cells of differentiated characteristics (Gleason rates <4) which may respond well to castration therapies with Lupron +α. Even though I would get a series of image exams to certify the situation.