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I was diagnosed with signet ring cell carcinoma of the right side of my colon...from terminal ileum thru to cecum. However, I have a lot of pain in my upper abdomen. This pain is what first brought me to see a doctor in June. I was told it could be an ulcer and told to take Prilosec. Months later, I find I have colon cancer, mostly because I stopped pooping and was afraid I had appendicitis. However, the pain has never gone away from my upper abdomen. Sometimes the spasms are so bad, I want to go to the emergency room. The doctors say it could be referred pain from my tumor, which has caused a blockage. I’ve been untreated since the cancer was discovered and am awaiting a right hemicolorectomy (or however you spell that). I’ve had an upper endoscopy and no cancer was found in there. I want to be sure we’ve checked all possibilities for other cancer since I have pain daily. I just don’t buy that it is referred pain. Because I feel the spasms (not unlike labor pains) and feel gurgling directly in this area...my stomach or around there. Any suggestions into further investigations before I proceed with the surgery? I’d appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, etc. I know sometimes we have to be our own advocates with this. Thank you, leslye


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    Sometimes pain can radiate from one area to another, but if it just doesn't feel right confront your doctor about your fear and thoughts that you just don't think what they are telling you is accurate.  You are right, we have to be our best advocate, unfortunately the doctors hear so much of the same ole', same ole' every day that they lose touch of the person they are treating and their concerns. I'm not sure what testing you have had done (MRI, colonoscopy, CAT, PET, etc).  They can determine a lot from those tests.  Hope you get the answers you are looking for.


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    I agree with Kim,

    I agree with Kim,

    I would want to be sure all objective tests have been completed, to absolutely rule out anything other then the current dx. of referred pain.  If no cause is found, then most likely the Dr. is correct.


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    It should work fir colon spasms.