I don't have too much to say at this point in my life

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I didn't have lap or robotic surgery, no drugs or radiation, or a lot of the problems some of you have encountered.  I hit the road the first time with Stage 4, T2N2M1 in 2006.  Then had recurrences in single nodes in 2007 and 2008.  Three major surgeries and monitoring since then.  I'm still not enjoying the CT's with barium sulfate and what it does to my colon to flush out the contrast dye.  But if it's the only way they can determine if the RCC has returned, I'll put up with the test.

Had my CT last week (the first one in nearly 2 years), and saw my Onc. yesterday.  I'm good to go for another 6 months with a NED.  I picked up my chart notes from early Sept. and the final line said, "clinical remission."  That's the first time that phrase has been used.  Hooray!

I'm happy, the family is happy.  I even bought some fall plants today so I can dig in the dirt over the weekend.

Hope this finds you thinking positive thoughts and doing well.

Hugs, donna_lee



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    Happy to hear your NED status

    Happy to hear your NED status and the remission comment. Have fun planting and enjoy the good news! Hugs back at you.

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    Congratulations on the NED,

    Congratulations on the NED, the remission and on being one tough lady!

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    Great news!

    So happy for you and your family!

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    One more milestone!

    This is one more milestone in your successful long journey. Congrat!

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    Congrats, Donna! 

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    Donna, your story is

    Donna, your story is fantastic.  Such a long time and you havent taken drugs or radiation.  Impressive.  Happy for you.  My husbands scans are annual.  Has that ever been suggested to you?

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    You are happy, family is

    You are happy, family is happy and we are happy! Congratulations! 

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    My dear Donna

    You have so much to say and wisdom to share.  You give hope to others....when first diagnosed that's the one thing we all cling to.

    Take care!



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    For a_oaklea

    Yes, I have had lots of scans.  Every 3-4 months in the beginning, expecially when they found enlarging nodes in the comparison scans.  After about 5 years, the scans were every 6 mo; and then they found something in my thyroid gland.  Went thru an US, nuclear uptake on the thyroid test and even a biopsy.  It was just an enlarged node.  Then we started back a every 6 mo, finally went to yearly.  Two years ago they found a "something" in my lung.  3 CT's later and it had shrunk because it was a residual infection I'd been treated for.  So now I'm on a 2 year schedule, I think.

    As long as I check the NO box on the sheet of symptoms and my labs look adequate, it will probably stay that way.

    Thanks, y'all for caring. ( I have to practice my drawl as we're going to see my brother in Auburn, AL and see the AU-Georgia fb game.)


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    Remission is a fantastic word! So is NED! May you forever keep both. I agree, you contribute a lot here. Don't ever think we don't want y'all around! Cool

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    posted twice for some reason...

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    This is awesome and encouraging!!

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    Congratulations Donna

    Congratulations on your results.  Sharing with all on this site gives so much hope and inspiration especially to those starting out on this journey. So happy for you!


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    Older than dirt


     Or should I say Older Than Ice.


    I think you arre the omly one on her older than me. May Uncle Ned keep flyong between the Northwest to Southeast to care for both of us. 







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    Hey, but Ice melts

    And I could say at not at the bottom of a Glacier, but even they have problems, sometimes.  Glad to see you back on the board.

    And surgery? went well?

    Hugs, donna_lee

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    Congratulation! You're the inspiration & Hope!

    HI! Donna! Foremost Congralution! And Keep it up! 


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    Hi Donna, congratulations!

    Hi Donna, congratulations! Your strong is always inspiring and encouraging. 

    So happy for you, enjoy!

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    Congratulations!! Great news.

    Congratulations!! Great news.

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    Not much to say, but you say it very well.

    Life goes on,

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    May you forever keep being NED