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What a mess doing radiation as primary treatment has caused me ...I need to get a hold of myself quick ...dr 1 was the radiologist who did primary treatment  ...dr2 the gasrologist who immediately wanted to band my bloody hemmeroids rather than wait to see if they got better on their own  si I did that which I think caused more problems ...dr 3 pancreatic specialist overlooking the 4 ml leison on my pancreas ..dr4 is the prostate surgeon /urologist whom I want to look over all this ....dr5 urologist who did the urodynamic study that is telling me I should do a TURP because I have a restriction in my prostate now ..

radiologist I think I should do away with hopefully fir good or until if I ever have a reoccurance...which I hope I don’t ... now says I should see a dr 6 who is a specialist for men with problems of radiated prostates..   dr 7 is a new gasrologist who is going to do a colonostopy to see what’s up in there since I haven’t had a decent bowel movement since radiation....?Well monday I am following up with the surgeon dr4 who also is a 32 senior urologist who is an expert in prostate care .the man who kinda got me into this mess by not helping me make a decision and leaving it up to me to figure out ...which I could have done but I like to listen to what drs say least he offered to follow up and look after me out of guilt I think ...well I guess I should wait to see what this man has to Say ......I was told by this expert urologist  dr 5 after seeing the results of the urodynsmic test that flomax will help for a while but eventually my bladder will weaken from being overworked which won’t be good ...aTURP after radiation is no walk in the park I do it I wait until my PSA hopefully reaches its lowest point I wait until after colonoscopy to see what other damage was done there ...   I really don’t know what the hell to do .........

now I hope everyone can see why I sooo regret not doing surgery ....


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    Good advice

    Thank you for sharing Steve.  I am certainly not knowledgeable enough to offer you some good advice so I hope those who are, will.

    I am praying for you brother.

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    Stricture issues


    Your common posts have been usually to blame your radiotherapy and the doctor that recommended it or to talk about your worries on advents supposedly to arise from the treatment. This is the first post from you I read with a description of the symptoms that are making you to talk like that.
    I am sorry for the many issues you have been confronting. I can't say that the pancreatic case relates to the radiotherapy but the other items you list above, all could be occurrences from the treatment or flared up by the treatment, in particular ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids if these were already set in before the RT.

    Those bowel movements are common side effects, occurring frequently during the initial two weeks but subsiding in intensity along a period that can last two to three months after op. I do not recall exactly the date of your treatment but I think that it was in 2018. This bowel issue could well be from existing ulcerative colitis, as much as the worsening of hemorrhoids. The colonoscopy is the way to take to check the problem. In my opinion, the restriction in the prostate (prohibiting normal flow of urine) may be a direct cause of the treatment because of the protocol of your RT. I read in one of your posts that you did a combination of Braky plus EBRT. These deliver high blows of radiation at the prostate and surrounding tissues.
    Stricture occurrences of the urethra by scar tissue are common however, TURP that involves cuttings in the prostate may not be necessary. A urethrotomy is less invasive and may be enough to relieve the stricture allowing better flow of urine. Surely it all depends on the grade of the stricture but in many cases a simple dilation with thin rods is enough. The procedure is done as an outpatient with local anesthesia. They use a urethrotome for the widening inserted via a cystoscope together with a telescope that will also, at the same time, permit to see the walls of the bladder from the inside.

    I wonder if you trust your doctor. In any case, I recommend you to discuss with him about the possibility in doing a urethrotomy instead of TURP, and then get a second opinion from another urologist. Here are details on the matter;




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    I am going to ask dr Peter Carroll just how many salvage prostatectomy surgeries he has done .i have a hard time questioning such brilliant life saving doctors ..I just don’t undestand how a surgeon with 32 years experience and 6000 surgeries couldn’t give me a honest recommendation of which treatment to do and why ...all the stinking drs I saw had their opinion one way or another .except this one and he is the best of the best around here if not the country ..he is all over you tube ..highly Regarded and respected ...I hope all these bowel problems could be from nerves because as you can tell I’m pretty wound up over this 

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    thanks see why I don’t trust drs anymore ...they never mentioned Urethotomy to me st all ..And  before radiotherapy ..I had no hemmeroid  or bowel problems what so ever ..I could eat anything and everything ..chili dogs for breakfast ..I maybe  got the runs once or twice a year ...doesn’t seem like the urethotomy lasts long ..this sucks I swear if I could hsve it removed now I would ..I can’t brlieve the surgeon who said he could reemove it after radiation didn’t tell me that it comes with much much greater risks and side effects ....It also seems that urethoyomy procedure should be done if the structure is inside the urethra .Where as they are thinking the stricture is because of the prostrate is now pushing against the urethra..Thst  is why a turp should he done they were going to do a cystoposy  as well but they were booked and the dr said after reading the results That the cystoposy wouldn’t br necessary she was pretty sure the strictire was in the urethra .all I know is that I’m getting tired and worn out over this. ..