Dandelion and other remedies

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I am a hardened skeptic when it comes to naturopathic and other remedies... having tried many, with only limited success, and most were ineffective except when enriching the producers.

The most egregious are the remedies that "kill cancer" ... usually a brief perusal of the claim shows a complete lack of understanding how cancer works. Cannabis oil and other snake oils and remedies may calm the stress that is a contributing factor to a compromised immune system... but they do not "kill cancer" as many claim.

So, l was surprised to see this cancer claim...

"Another important use for dandelion is its powerful effects against cancer. Many studies have found that dandelion root extract is effective against the treatment of leukaemia and breast cancer. It acts by inducing apoptosis in leukaemia cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. It also has a positive impact against cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy."

Of course, I am in no way recommending anyone try dandelion as a cancer remedy ... but I was surprised to see the mention of "apoptosis", or regulated cell death, as the driving mechanism behind cancer and its spread. Healthy cells are programmed to die at regulated intervals. Some cells, such as bone cells, have long life spans. But cancerous cells have mutated DNA and unregulated cell death, meaning they continue to replicate other non-dying cells.

It's unlikely an ingredient in dandelion would assist in the apoptosis of cancerous prostate cells anyway, since the prostate is mostly a remote, inactive organ that is difficult to treat by ingestion of naturopathic remedies, even if they did work... however, as a rule, they do not.