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Hi - I am going to my first gyn oncology visit.  I was told the mass is large.  I am terrified, and for some reason I am afraid to go to sleep at night.  Can anyone help me?


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    Its only natural to be terrified.   First of all, don't google anything on the internet.  You probably already did, but just realize most of that information is old and outdated.  Secondly, you need to gather information you want to ask the doctor.  Its hard to ask when you are scared and nervous.   Also, it would be good to take someone with you so they can also hear.   You won't remember anything or only grab a few things from being so scared.   

    The doctors really cannot give you too much information at this time until they remove it, if surgery is an option.  Sometimes, doctors will try chemotherapy first if a biopsy comes back positive.   How did they find the mass?  CT Scan?  MRI?  PET Scan?  Did they do any previous blood work?

    The CA125 can be considered a marker for Ovarian Cancer.  I had Endometrial Cancer in my uterus, cervis and left ovary but the CA125 was not a marker for me.   

    The first time I was told, I screamed in my pillow at night.  Then I realize the only thing different from the previous week to the current week was the fact that I was now told i had cancer.  So I decided at that moment to take a stand.  Sure it will definitely take you off your feet but you can fight this.

    Wishing you the strenght and courage to stand tall and get through this initial phase.



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    It's natural to be scared. My

    It's natural to be scared. My tumor was also large. Try not to let your sleeping suffer, it's something you really need. You need good healthy food, sleep and to comfort yourself. Whether that means, reading, knitting, skeet shooting or what ever. Take someone with you to the doctor appointment if possible, if not bring your questions written out, or on your phone. Always ask questions, it's your life and health. If you don't understand, have them explain until you do. Your terror at some point will become something else, anger, sorrow, a determination to live. Don't be hard on yourself, take help where you can get it, have someone to talk to. Good luck and get some sleep.

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    Hello, I was just diagnosed, I am undergoing treatment. Just wanted to say if you want to chat, I am here.  I am sending up good thouhgts for you, me and everyone on here.