A relatable tribute for you all

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If you don't want to read all about my song and tribute to my mom who died of throat cancer then just copy and paste the youtube link and listen to the song.

My name is Christy.  I was the daughter of a wonderful loving person. My mom, Christine. My mom died on November 15th, 2018 from throat cancer. After her diagnosis we decided to go the natural route. We knew her body couldn’t take chemo, and radiation. We had her eating very healthy, as well as some choice supplements and cannabis oil. For a year and a half it worked, and it worked great! Until, Her tumor grew back and if it didn’t shrink she would have choked to death. She needed chemo, and unfortunately it was the only option. With that, it did just as I thought it would. Her body grew lifeless until it was. Throughout this whole journey from diagnosis until a couple weeks before she was sleeping constantly due to medicine she needed to be on because her pain was so bad, she kept that pretty smile on her face. A few days before she passed away I wanted to write something for her funeral. After I wrote the first couple lines it somehow turned into a song. Although writing comes easy to me, the other items you need to make a song beautiful do not. I wrote to my friend, and asked her if her daughter who ironically has an angelic voice, if she would be interested in singing this song at my mom’s funeral. Maddy read the lyrics and said yes! My mom died sooner than I had expected, and Maddy only had a few days to learn it. Maddy found the melody, and sent me a sample of what she came up with.  It was beautiful. And perfect. Just like the love my mom and I had for each other. The song meaning stems from a few things. Growing up we didn’t have much money, at all. Which made her dinners taste even better. Our birthdays seemed more fulfilled, and Christmas was filled with spirit and presents under the tree. What I am saying is, with very little money, she managed to make the important things as a child extra special. It was her special touch. I always loved her hands. But they truly stood out to me during this cancer journey. I would hold her hand and stare at them at Doctors appointments, or on the way home in the car. Or when visiting her. When she was really sick, I mentioned her hands to my sisters, and I never knew but they felt the same way about them. There was something so sweet and motherly about them. As I began thinking about my mom’s hands and her special touch, and thinking about how my mom will die any day, a song was born. My mom’s song.

There are a few things that live on forever. People die, Flowers die, Animals die, water disintegrates, buildings crumble, ...but just like memories, (which help you heal when you are missing someone that is gone) songs live on forever.  So, for me, This “your touch” project and everyone involved, helps my mom live on forever, here on Earth as she is in heaven.


I know you all have been through so much, I am coming up on 1 year in November that I have been on this planet without my mom. This song, This project has helped me every day. Please listen to all of the words. I will include the link. Please comment on You tube if you can relate and feel it in your soul, lastly grab some tissues.


https://youtu.be/AwWDWd0VIf8 (copy and paste)


If that link doesnt work (it did for me though!) just look on you tube Maddy Bratton your touch. click the one with over 315 views. Thank you so much.Mommie lives on through this song.