Moles Biopsied -- Waiting for Results

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Hello, All!

Yesterday I had my first visit with a dermatologist after being referred by my PCP. She found two moles that she wanted to biopsied -- one that I've had for years, and one that appeared the last year. Both she and her assistant said at separate times that they're glad that I caught these, especially since they're on my back. I didn't think much about the comment, nor the biopsies -- I figured it was more of a precautionary procedure. But last night when I removed the bandages to clean the biopsy site, I noticed that the mole is still under the layer of skin she removed: (circle A is the mole that was on the surface; I have no clue why circle B is discolored). I compared this to the spot where I had a mole for years, and although I can still see is small spot where the center of the mole had been, it looks better (?) than the other one.

Is it normal to see the mole after a biopsy, or is this more serious than I had thought?

I won't get the results back for another two weeks. I'm trying not to worry, but easier said than done lol :)