Neuropathy in 3 v. 6 mo CAPOX v. FOLFOX

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For what it is worth, here is an abstract of a new study:

The incidence of long-lasting [neuropathy] was significantly lower for 3 months than for 6 months of therapy, and significantly lower for treatment with the drug CAPOX than with mFOLFOX6. Since the shortened therapy duration did not compromise outcomes, a 3-month course of CAPOX may be the most appropriate treatment option, particularly for patients with low-risk disease.


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    This study

    Is why I insisted on Capeox.   Here is the thing: I had grade 4 diarhea on Xeloda.   I got through it, but the worry that I did not think about till my oncologist explained it to me is that only very determined patients will follow the chemo course.   As you take two weeks of pills on your own twice a day every 3 weeks, many patients will stop taking the pills when they feel bad, and not tell their medical providers.   Folfox ensures that you get your dose.   Folks like my late mom would not be able to take pills if they caused her terrible problems.   She was a lovely lady, but not so strong willed and had a low pain/problem tolerence.   

    I am blessed because I have no neuropathy issues now one month after the 3 month capeox treatment.    But my onc says that my experience did not change her mind about capeox, it solidfied her opinon that she will not offer that option to patients unless - like myself - they insist on it and look like they will be honest in reporting side effects.