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Next week I will be having blood work and another CT scan to check the spots on my liver that nobody could make a call on. I am praying that it was all residual healing. I don't think my liver could withstand another major hit. The thought of ablation scares me but my surgeon in Charleston had already suggested that option if I have a recurrence. The past weeks have been wonderful. No exotic island travel or anything of the sort..just normal everyday beautiful life. Cancer will definitely engage your mind including those thoughts we push to the corners of our mind for another day. I am still firm on no more chemo for me regardless what the future brings and will continue to take one day, one moment, for all it holds. I have bloodwork on the 3rd, then the CT scan on the 5th and my visit to discuss everything on the 10th. I will let you guys know as soon as I know anything. Can any of you tell me what ablation and recovery is like? I'm not claiming any of  it just yet tho', lol.....Hoping this day and all those that come hold something beautiful for each of you....Mojo


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    I had my liver ablated - Microwave Thermal Ablation - in April of 2014 and have been NED ever since. 

    I was in and out of the hospital, as the surgery is done via keyhole. I had three tiny incisions, and one of those was to remove my appendix, so you may just have two.

    Recovery was pretty much a breeze.  For the first few days, it hurt somewhat, taking a breath, but that was the extent of it. In fact, I had to be reprimanded by the nurse becasue I felt so good, I wanted to go out on my walk. 

    I do have scar tissue around the ablated area in the liver, and I get twinges often - not pain, just twinges, a bit like a little cramping. I know what activities exacerbate the twinges, and try to keep them to a minimum.  That is the only after-effect I have from the surgery. 

    All in all, I would say that my ablation was a bit of a doddle. WAY WAY WAY better than a resection. Really, no comparrison there. 

    I will be sending the best of my energy your way, this month.  Its such a big deal, and as far as I've found, there is no real way to stop yourself thinking about the 'what ifs'. Just roll with it, but don't let them roll you over.

    Its good to see you post. 


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    Best wishes

    I am wishing you the best for good blood test and scan results.  The anxiety we feel before these tests is something most cannot understand.  Hopefully the peace and sunshine will have helped your body to heal and you can go forward without more treatment.  Best of luck to you.

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    sending you positive vibes ,

    sending you positive vibes , energy, prayers, sunshine and Aroha from this side of the world. Kia Kaha ~ stay strong 

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    It's the testing time that can way heavy on your mind and it's so normal.  Wishing you the best for the bloodwork and the scan.  Glad that you had a wonderful summer.  Thanks for the update.


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    Liver resection surgeon should review your scan.They spotted something on my liver a  the first scan after the resection. The surgeon told me right away that they see the area of ablation that he did in addition to cutting 60 percent of my liver.