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I know, strange subject. Back in 2015, about 2 weeks after my first chemo I ended up in the hospital with a perforated bowel. There had been a lymph node that was pressing against teh bowel. The chem cause it to shrink which ended up tearing a hole in the bowel. Ended up in surgery where they did a bowel dessiction. Never thought about it much until about a year and half ago when I felt bloated and very uncomfortable. When to the ER and was told I had some major blockage. They admitted me for a few days, no food and IV fluids. Suergeon "reminded" me that I had a band of scar tissue where the surgery was done. That scar tissue causes a narrowig of the bowel and can get blocked if I eat too much.  So I am careful to eat smaller protions and not stuff myself at the holidays.   Last Friday we had chinese food which included eggrolls. Saturday evening I ended up in the hosptal with severe abdominal pain. Partial blockage. But I ddi not eat that much. Two days on IV fluids. Back home Sunday night but on a full liquid diet. Then Tues the Dr says I can start soft foods. Did some reading and found that those nice green veggies in the egg rols are packed with fiber. When I told my Dr what I thought the cause was she agreed. In the future if I have egg rolls I should only eat half of one. (They are big.) Thought I was doing good until last night when I had a small episode. Guess I did have too much mac & cheese and the bowels are still somewhat inflamed.

It's kind of a reminder of what I went through to survive the cancer. My boss (breast cancer survivor) has dealt with issues that are an after effect of her treatments. My bowel problems are not the result of treatment but the cancer itself. On a positive side, eating smaller portions is not a bad thing. I did get a list of HIGH fiber items so I know what to avoid. In doing so I also found that some veggies have more fiber if they are cooked. 




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    Bowel Problems

    Lindary, certainly seems like your cancer and surgery did a number on your large intestine.  I recently, past year was diagnosed with IBD, previously had and still also have IBS.  Although the medical establishment havent caught up yet, they feel IBD is an autoimmune disease, and not a disease caused by the wrong diet, for ever people with IBD were put on a low fiber diet.  The newest thinking is that a high fiber diet, mostly of soluble fiber, will feed the good bacteria in the gut for a healthier colon.  You have a unique problem because of scar tissue, but too many soft carbs and protiens can also block you up.  In the IBD world mac and cheese would be a much bigger problem then an egg roll.  I wish you well as you manuver through the food challenges.  

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    It will be a challenge. I need to make sure I do get enough fiber to keep the colon healthy yet no so much I end up with severe blockage again. I printed out a list of high fiber foods so I know what to avoid. The really high one are things I don't like.  I definitely have to watch how much I eat. Heck. I might lose a few pounds in the process.