Hi, new here. 18 months post op

I'm 18 months post op from a total hysterectomy.  I lost all the "lady parts" to uterine cancer.  I had stage 1 and have many complications since then.  I had a blood clot that left a huge scar and had the surgery done with Divinci robotic and have several scars all over the abdominal  area.


After the surgery, I got hypothyroidism and had to see an endocrinologist to get that fixed.  they think my body went into shock after the surgery.


I have hot flashes that are absolutely horrible since I lost my ovaries.  I have a family history of ovarian cancer, so they figured that they should remove them.  and now, I had hot flashes before because I was going through the menopause, but now it is menopause revisited.  Horrible, sweating at night.  Change the nightgown at least 2x and sometimes up to 5 times a night..


No sex drive at all.  Lucky my husband does not care.  He suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.  takes a lot of medication.  so I don't have to worry about him being "upset" with that situation.


I tried everything for the hot flashes.  Black cohosh, evening primrose oil, and all that herbal stuff.  Even tried acupuncture.  Nothing works.  Oncologist says I cannot take estrogen because he believes that the cancer I had is fed by estrogen so that's not an option.


I hate summer.  things are worse and the hot flashes trigger anxiety that gives me nervousness and palpitations.


Began to urine blood about 6 months ago.  went through several tests with a Urologist.  They could not find what was causing the blood.  At first they thought I had a infection but urine tests came back with no bacteria and had a cystoscopy, for bladder cancer check and a CT scan without contrast and with contrast, an ultrasound and followed up with a kidney doctor.  


they think the bleeding came from vaginal dryness and I had open "cracks" in my tissue so now I have to use coconut oil for that.  Also had rectal bleeding after the surgery.  Had hemorrhoids and not sure what else?  I need a colonoscopy but am so tired of all this, I have not done it yet.


My mother died about 4 months ago and I am a wreck.  Hot flashes are worse, so much anxiety and while taking care of her, so many things happened health wise.  Thought I would join you ladies.


I have to go for check ups every 6 months to make sure cancer is not recurring.


sorry to ramble.  Just thought I would join.  And maybe help if someone needs it.  I am a cancer survivor so far.




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    Welcome to our group. Sorry

    Welcome to our group. Sorry your having so many troubles after your hysterectomy. So sorry to here about your mom. This is a good group of women here on this group. I hope you can finh help for your hot flashes. Your symtoms dont seem fun at all. I havent had to deal with hot flashes. Not bad ones anyways. I do hope you find the support you want and need here. I wanted to welcome you though.


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    Sleepwear Suggestion

    Like Janae, I'm sorry to hear that you've had so many health issues after your surgery. But I'm glad that you found this site as many women can relate to post-surgery problems, even if those problems vary amongst us.

    I had already gone through menopause by the time I had cancer, but I had hot flashes for about 10 years before menopause. Like you, I did not find any of the herbal remedies helpful, nor did I take any medication. I did learn that certain foods and drinks seemed to trigger the worst of reactions, so I avoided those. I slept with a fan blowing on me with only a sheet covering me for years – even in the middle of winter. In fact, I still keep a fan on at night, although I'm finally able to sleep under a comforter.

    A friend gave me a couple of nightgowns from a company called "Goodnighties." https://www.goodnighties.com/ years ago. I don't know if they would have made a difference while I was actively having hot flashes and night sweats, but they are super comfortable and I'm never too hot wearing them. I've bought several more over the years to give as gifts and for myself.

    The original owners just sold the company to a new owner, so I can't vouch for the current quality of the product. But you may want to give one of their items a try. While I prefer the nightgowns, they also have separates. As recommended, I wash them without fabric softener and hang them to dry. My first ones still look great.

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    I am so sorry you've had to

    I am so sorry you've had to go through all this after your hysterectomy. It sounds like you didn't have to have chemo or radiation which is good but still, you sure didn't catch a break with all your other problems. I can't give any advice on the hot flashes. Thank heavens I never had them while going through menopause but my poor mother suffered horribly and now my much-younger sister is suffering. I do, however, get some night sweats when my BG (blood glucose) goes too low because of the Metformin I take but nothing like you're having to endure. 

    I'm glad you joined us. There are so many ladies on here with soooo much knowledge I'm sure they will have some suggestions for you. Please let us know how you're doing. The women on here really do care!



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    thank you so much!

    thank you for the nice welcome.  I really appreciate it.  I guess I am the "Queen of hot flashes."  I was just getting to the point where I thought things were better and then I got diagnosed with uterine cancer, so they insisted on taking out the ovaries and I didn't argue with them.. I always wonder if I had kept them, maybe I wouldn't feel so sick and so hot!

    Summer is definitely worse for me.  I know once it gets colder, I should feel much better.  I have the heat in my house at 60 degrees!  LOL  I freeze out my husband.  And I have the air conditioning running if it's 65 outside.  I am burning up.

    I think my thyroid has a lot to do with it because it just doesn't function properly and the Endo doesn't want me to take Synthroid because I've had it go hyper in the past and that's worse.  talk about burnig up.


    to answer, no, I did not need any further treatment.  they said it was caught early enough so that I just have to go for exams every 6 months so I know from what I have read here, you ladies have some really bad problems.  I definitely feel for all of you!


    No one wants to hear the word "cancer."  It's a dirty word.

    I have a cousin that had a hysterectomy because of fibroids and she suffered many years with night sweats and hot flashes.  She still gets them and she's about 85 now.  So it might be a lifetime thing, I don't know..Surprised

    I do think, as she told me, that it does mess up your body.  things are just moving around inside and finding a new "home."  at least that's what my oncologist told me.  but I'm glad to join and glad to be of help with any questions if someone new comes along and is afraid.  I was afraid of the surgery.  It wasn't all that bad, but after was not good.  I'm getting a long.


    Thanks for your sympathy about my mother.  Best friend, and she's gone.  Very depressing.  But what can i do?  she lived a long time.  93 and didn't have too much poor health.  she was heart broken for me when I got cancer.



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    Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant

    Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant, is also approved for hot flashes.  No known risk of cancer recurrence with it.  Worth a try!


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    Ms. L, I am sorry to hear

    Ms. L, I am sorry to hear about your mother.  I hear everything you are saying about mom with a long life and heart broken when you got cancer, and as much as I miss her, I can hear what she would be saying to me too.  Take it a day at a time.

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    thank you, ladies!

    Hi zsazsa, I did try the Paxil.  I must be allergic to it or something because I got a horrendous headache and then threw up for 2 days.Surprised

    Thanks "No time for cancer."  I learned that saying a long time ago:  "take it one day at a time."  My mother also taught me the "serenity prayer."

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    It will be 3 years in

    It will be 3 years in September since I had my hysterectomy and my horrible hot flashes are finally gone. The hot flashes were bad too pre hysterectomy. Now I have hot feet most every night. When it's gets too unbearable, I get a ice pack and put it in a pillow case at my feet. It dose help. Maybe some ice might help you? Hopefully in time your hot flashes will pass too.

  • It will be 3 years in

    It will be 3 years in September since I had my hysterectomy and my horrible hot flashes are finally gone. The hot flashes were bad too pre hysterectomy. Now I have hot feet most every night. When it's gets too unbearable, I get a ice pack and put it in a pillow case at my feet. It dose help. Maybe some ice might help you? Hopefully in time your hot flashes will pass too.

    ice packs unite!

    Hello and thanks for the heads up.  I have these tiny little ice packs that I use.  And I also bought a silk pillow case.  It stays really cold!  and that helps my hot head in the middle of the night.Cool