Radiation and neuropathy n

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okay so now I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists ..granted I have been having problems with this fir a while .but since radiation therapy 1 year ago it seems like my left hand has got 5 times worse .there is no position I can lay in where my hand won’t go totally numb ...I neglected to tell the neurologist that I had radiation therapy ..maybe I better call him back anf tell him .i would hate to maybe have surgery done for nothing if radiation caused it . Has this happened to anyone else 


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    Steve, unless you had radiation to your hand or wrist, radiation did NOT cause the c. t. to worsen.  Radiation to the prostate, for instance, never causes problems outside the pelvic region, and certainly not to a hand.  I said 'never.'  Some guy will chime in to say that he got glaucoma from R.T. to the prostate, or it caused his feet to callose, or something similiar.  I mean 'never' in a practical, real-world sense, as in statistically never.   R.T. is irrelevant to your current c.t.

    But always share all medical information with all of your doctors.


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    all I need to know