Strata testing, anyone?

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Yesterday my oncologist recommended Strata testing. Does anyone know about this or have any experience with it? Apparently there are only 100,000 slots available. He said it should help find a treatment that will show a good response and my body will tolerate. I agreed, and have a lung needle biopsy scheduled for next week (yikes!) because my tumor has been stored for 4 years, and we've thrown a lot of drugs at my lung nodules since then and they may have mutated. When I mentioned it to my infusion nurse, she said oh yeah that clinical trial thing. Wait, what? She thinks it's all about matching one up with a clinical trial. If that's the case, I don't want it. 


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    Not sure about that one, but it may not be testing for a trial. My husband has had a few tests with another lab and it looks for mutations to see if which drug therapies will work best. I know clinical trails can be scary but ask your oncologist what it is they are planning. Some trials are different CT models There is one now that is a 3D CT scan, others are just monitoring approved drugs that are already on the market just in a different order.

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    What hospitals do strata testing? 

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    Butt said:

    What hospitals do strata testing? 

    I've learned that Strata is

    I've learned that Strata is the name of the company or the initiative that does the testing in collaboration with several hospital systems across the U.S. There is a map on their home page, but since I'm not sure if we can upload pictures or post a link or URL, just do a search for Strata Oncology. 

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    Link to Strata

    Could be interesting for US based patients. 

    Free of charge. Other comprehensive genetic tests are quite expensive.  Like FoundationOne.