solid mass on cervical stump

I'm normally over on the kidney board, I have a complex cyst that's been monitored for a few years.  I recently had a pelvic ultrasound due to some weird crampy pain, (I am 15 years post supracervical hysterectomy with BSO), I just have my cervix left.  They found a solid lesion at the top of the "stump" that's about one centimeter by 1.5 centimeters.  I was already heading to the Mayo Clinic for monitoring of my kidney cyst ( I have PALB2, ATM and PTEN mutations that predispose me to have a higher risk for cancer), and when I let the kidney doctor know about this, things are moving much quicker, they want to see me sooner and they've already scheduled me for a pelvic MRI and a colposcopy.  Jusst wondering if anyone has had anything similar post hysterectomy? The fact that this is reported as a "solid lesion" on the ultrasound report seems pretty ominous to me.