Life After cancer

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All, I was diagnosed last year with Stage 3 on July 5th, and started treatment on August 20th.  Last year at this time, I was a mess.  Completely frightened by the diagnosis, worried about my kids, etc.  Anyone that is going through this now can understand.  I want to let everyone know that it does get better.  Treatment was not fun by any stretch of the imagination (hospitalized for four days towards the end), but you will get through it.  

My family (husband, and two kids 11, 13) just completed a beautiful vacation (a cruise-my first), and what a difference a year can make.  Life is beautiful and fun again.  I hope that each of you speeds through treatment and recovers quickly, and then can plan your own best ways to enjoy life to the fullest thereafter.


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    Thank you so much for posting!  In week 6 here with 3 more days of radiation and finished with my dosing of 2nd round of chemo and only just getting some pretty severe symptoms from the radiation.  Everything is kinda a mess down there and so painful I can't imagine being able to do a cruise now so it's sooo great to hear first hand you got through it. I'm so happy for you and belive you me, I can't wait to get out there and enjoy travel again!

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    I am so happy for you and

    I am so happy for you and your family!  And what a difference a vacation can make.  Every day is a gift!

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    I am to glad to hear that you are doing well!  You are right--life is beautiful and fun again after treatment!  I'm happy to know that you had a wonderful vacation with your family.  Take good care and I wish you continued good health!

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    I am so glad you are feeling good!  I just hit my 2 year mark for stage 3 and I'm feeling good too.  Looking back I realized that the fatigue had lingered during that first year, but it really disappeared for me during this 2nd year.  So just saying it keeps getting better.  Best to you and your family and enjoy your travels.