Does talcum powder cause ovarian cancer?

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I work in a grocery shop in California. One of my colleagues was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few months back. The biopsy result had evidence of ovarian cancer due to the continuous use of talcum powder. She was fond of a particular brand of talcum powder. It's been 6 years she started using this. She decided to file a talcum powder lawsuit in court. [Content removed by CSN Support Team.]

They were very supportive and after the discussion about reports, there was a positive response from their side. This increased our confidence to move forward with the case. We are hoping to have a positive verdict. [Content removed by CSN Support Team.]

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    Talcum powder question

    I would be interested to find out what they saw in the biopsy. That determined that the ovarian cancer was caused from the repeated use of talcum powder. Was there a certain gene mutation within the cancer cell that is only associated with the use of talcum powder. Also, was this the findings of the pathologist who did the biopsy. Or was this the concluion of the attorney representing her as to being the cause of her cancer. Just curious.