6 Weeks Post VATS Wedge Resection

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It's been 6 weeks since my VATS left lung wedge resection for staged 1 adenocarcinoma and I'm still feeling yucky. Terrible nerve pain on my left side and a general feeling of yucky. Food doesn't even taste good. I can breath good and the horrible anxiety seems to be gone, but something just doesn't feel right. Feels kind of like I'm getting chemo again (I've had cancer before). I'm taking Gabapentin for the nerve pain and it helps some (just takes the edge off). I was wondering if this yucky feeling was normal? 


  • pajamo46
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    18 months ago I had the same procedure on the Right lung, a new trial type of anathesia was used just prior to the surgery and I am happy to say it went amazingly well. Almost no pain post op and was allowed to go home 48 hours after the op. I did have a few minor problems with drainage durring the following 10 days, but no nerve pain or yukky feelings.