OCD and Cancer


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Has anyone had any expereince with OCD and having cancer. I'm presently in remission and now have OCD, because I'm scared of it coming back again. I constanly wash my hands and watch what i eat. I'm about to seek treatment. 


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    OCD vs Anxiety vs Fear

    Good on you for recognizing you might want to seek treatment which could include cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, etc. Constant hand washing or repetitive activities does not always equate to OCD. Treatment is generally recommended when the compulsion, obsession, or both affect a person's daily life. Cancer is a scary thing and all of us deal with or have dealt with lots of anxiety. It's OK to be scared, it's OK to be anxious, and it's OK to wash your hands, except when all of that adversly affects your life.  What I would do if I were in your situation is I would keep a journal and try to trend key things like what times of the day do you become scared, how long does it last, what do you do that helps you through the fear, what times do you wash your hands, how long do you wash your hands, and so on.  Don't forget to remind yourself of things you did years ago that helped you because those things could also help you now. This will help you trend your behavior to see if something (in addition to cancer) is triggering your fear, if your behavior fluctuates at different times of the day, if your obsessions or compulsions are getting better or worse, etc. etc.  The more time you spend learning about yourself, the more empowered you will be to control many of your fears, anxieties and OCD.  If you really do have OCD, you may need medication in addition to journaling and cognitive behavioral therapy.  All of us cancer survivors have to deal with the risk of it coming back again and all of us use different strategies to get through those thoughts or fears.  Even simply saying, "Nope" out loud when your mind becomes fearful puts you in control and can help you to think of something positive.  Yep, I have experience with OCD and with cancer.  Best wishes.  Never give up and recognize you are not alone.

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    Thanks for the message. I

    Thanks for the message. I actually found help at the OCD and Anxiety Clinic of Ontario. I was diagnosed and I found the treatment very effective. 

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    My friend was experiencing

    My friend was experiencing exactly the same problems. However, in his case, it is still unclear whether he will have cancer or whether he has got rid of it forever. Thank you for the useful information!