I was looking at available Apps for my Amazon Firestick streaming service, and discovered "Oncologygo", a discussion site for Oncology Professionals. Mostly short pieces summarizing the latest developments in oncology as a whole.  A lot of stuff dedicated to the Lymphomas, but mostly seems focused on Follicular and Large-B.  The presenters are world-autorities, from places like MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering, etc.

I believe it is available only as a streaming service, but free if your TV provider has it.  Perhaps it will have useful information for some CSN users.





  • po18guy
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    Cool find!

    In my crypto-techno world, I rely on OncologyTube, which has short interviews with various prominent oncologists and hematologists regarding treatment and research results.


  • ShadyGuy
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    Free App For IOS devices

    oncologygo is free on the Apple App store.

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    Thanks Max ,

    Thanks Max ,

    po18guy & ShadyGuy !

    I couldn't sleep last night so I went on there and I learned exactly what I needed to learn and learned things I forgot. 

    Information is power!

    Well wishes :)