On positive thinking——- advice.

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I have a question about positive thinking that has been bothering me for quite awhile...... You may try to think positive, pray, meditate. You can create in your head some positive thinking. There is such a thing as reality and your posive thinking is very different from reality. It may be not just health but work, money or relationship. By creating this positive delusion you may not be able to comprehend reality, because in your head you created a different world. You may wake up one day and realize that all those things you believed in is simply not reality. That can instant kick you in in depression, anxiety or being mentally of base. How do you deal with that? You may have facts, information that contradicts itself. After I got hit with reality i developed a strange quality. I may start venting loudly in public places. It is an ugly show according to my close ones. I never did it before. I may ocasdionally curse but it is not the problem. I express myself very loud usually in supermarkets when some food is expired, when the tourist attraction doesn’t t have a good sign I vent and vent loudly. My speech becomes very explicit. (content removed by CSN moderators). I can t control myself. And it never was the case before cancer. I was normal. But the reality is here and it makes me upset and I definitely release myself in public places. The reality is different from attempts of positive thinking. Butt.