Time for next step...

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This trip to Huntsman I had CT scan & bone scans. My PSA was 1.5 but the radiologist noticed 2 TINY new spots, one on the back of my 7th rib and one on my sternum. Dr. Agarwal said these are signs of disease progression and he took me off the TAK-700 study drug. He said the CT scans showed absolutely no soft tissue / organ / lung involvement and he feels I am still relatively stable at this time. He said that the expected time for progression was 33 mos. and I made it 36 mos. with aggressive disease (Gleason 9). He is happy with the results as this shows that TAK-700 (Orteronel) can compete with Zytiga, and where Zytiga requires the addition of Prednisone, TAK-700 does not.

Anyway He said I am still on his team. He still wants to see me every 3 months and I will be placed on another trial pretty soon. They will call me next week with a new game plan.