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Hello, I'm here to talk about my mom. She is 1 year and 3 months since last day of chemo. Still NED as of June 2019. She gets CA 125's and port flushes very often. She has never had any issue with port flushes until today. They weren't getting a return at all. They pushed 3 mL? (I think) of Heparin and finally got a return. They nurse did not seem concerned in the slightest. Since Heparin worked, does that mean she had a clot? And is this something to worry about? Or is this something that can be normal since she has had it for so long? She is and has been on Xeralto since diagnosis because of Multiple DVT's and a PE. Mom says she doesn't have any pain at the port site either.


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    I had a port for 6 years and

    I had a port for 6 years and got it flushed every 6 to 8 weeks.   Sometimes it depends on the nurse. One nurse had such a difficult time with mine one time.  The next time I went it was a breeze.  My port ended up twisting so it made for a more difficult access.   I would have to stretch my arm or bend a certain way   

    I had one nurse who I thought was going fishing.  She stuck that hook in like she was going to grab something and it hurt.  I bruised later.   

    Hopefully next time no problem 

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    Hi dolphinlova,

    It isn't uncommon to have this happen.  There could be some clotted blood buildup in the port, but not really what would be considered a blood clot.  Hopefully the problem has resolved.  If it continues, or gets worse, they can inject a drug called Flowcath into the port and let it sit for an hour to dissolve anything.  Then they draw the drug back out.  I had this done once and it solved the problem.

    Good luck.

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    Had this a few times even with getting the port flushed regularly. They make me cough, raise my arms and wvwn lay down. It's scary but thankfully it started working ok.