Anyone heard of virotherapy?


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    A quick google search:

    A quick google search:


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    Here is another link on the topic. It looks like it has been

    around a long time.   I will say this.   I had a wart, which is like a tumor, that kept growing after being frozen about 4 times.  It grew to about 1cm on my index finger was very ugly , and hurt.  My GP told me that I could have another treatment.  There was a doctor in the cllinic who had learned how to inject a fungal antigen into the wart.  It caused my immune system to recognize the wart as a foreign entity, attack it and destroy it.  I decided I needed to try it.  He injected the wart. It was very sore, but I wanted to get rid of the ugly thing.  He had to do it about 4 times, but it did get rid of the nasty wart.  Warts have something in common with cancer.  They access the blood suppy and cause blood vessels to grow into it. I wondered why my immune system was unable to get rid of the wart all by itself.   But the concept did work.   It is an interesting aea.