dating and intimacy after cancer




i have been single for awhile and not been with anyone since diagnosied with pancreatic cancer in feb 2016, i'm worried that if i do start to get ready to be intimate with anyone that it won't feel the same and not sure how to really express my concerns to a new partner


i have given thoughts to having a one night stand here or there to experiment and see how it feels but don't want to really go that route


i am 41 and don't want the intimate part of my life to be over with any advise or tips of what others have faced getting back in this arena


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    Hi Kimberly

    Hi Kimberly

    The answer you seek may be found on other boards on this site or Smart Patient.  Unfortunately I am unable to give you my thoughts as I was and am married so by the time I was diagnosed at age 45 it was all but done for me due to my multiple surgeries.  Then my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016.  We do many things that we enjoy together like long rides in the car, going to the beach etc.

    Hey but everyone is different and it seems you are on the mend from your diagnosis which is great.  I wouldn’t stress about it too much.  If you find the right person it won’t or shouldn’t matter.