Implant not dropping after reconstruction surgery

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Hi there.  New to the forum b/c I cannot find anything online about breast reconstruction and implants.  I had my expanders out on 5/30/19 and my PS put in 750cc round silicone implants.  The right side fell into place about 1 week after surgery. The left side is still stuck and will not move!  It's very uncomfortable.   I have been massaging it 2xs a day for a few minutes and even bought a breast band to wear full time starting this week.  I called the PS office and the nurse said they won't "do" anything until it has been 6 months!  I told her I was impatient and looking for anything to help move it into place.  She said it should in time but had no do's or don'ts in the meantime.  I'm getting frustrated.  My left breast is 2 inches higher than the right!  Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?   Please help!


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    be kind to yourself..`

    I did not have reconstruction so I cannot give you advice other than give it time and listen to the docs.  

    Be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a new pair of jammies.  It always makes me smile to do those little things for myself.  We deserve it!