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3 year scan tomorrow. Dealing with the people at doctors offices suck. Been trying to keep my mind busy, but tomorrow, I face the music and get in the donut.


  • icemantoo
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    Sending good Karma

    ===for the visit to the donut. They usually give you a choise of background music to listen to.






  • Canadian Sandy
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    Good luck tomorrow! I loved

    Good luck tomorrow! I loved the music.....it took my mind off the sc.an.

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    Wishing you all the BEST!

    Wishing  you all the BEST! 

  • CRashster
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    where are you guys going where there’s music? I never get music. I just get the “hold your breath” voice.

  • Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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    I'm with CRashster-only music

    I'm with CRashster-only music is in my heart and soul-wishing all good scans/tests and a healthy happy summer-june

  • Jan4you
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    Sorry you don't get any music

    Sorry you don't get any music. They ask you what kind of music you like ( Sirius radio stations).

    In spite of the ear plugs the music is heard just fine. I also get a camera so I can SEE the technicicans

    and not feel so closed in. I go first thing in AM (7AM) and get the results by mid afternoon. 

    Good luck with the results! Hoping NED !!

    Sending you healing hugs,