Bless Beth Chapman and all others who have passed

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I just wanted to say God Bless to Beth Chapman and her family. I don't know her and didn't follow her (don't watch much TV), but her passing at age 51 just shows how much progress still needs to be made to eliminate this disease for good.   There should be better treatments available.  Hopefully immune therapy will continue to evolve.  This post is just in memory of all those who have struggled and fought the fight. 




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    Alternative treatments

    And not to be negative or disrespectful as everyone has the right to choose their own treatment, I believe that there is real peril to alternative treatments in lieu of conventional treatments..

    Beth was first diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer in November 2017. She underwent successful surgery, but doctors months later told her the cancer had returned. Although she began chemotherapy in December 2018, Duane told Us Weekly at the time that she wanted to explore alternative therapies instead...Beth wrote on Instagram in February that she was testing out CBD and THC-based therapies and alleged that chemotherapy was "poison."  Beth hinted in May 2019 that she had stopped chemotherapy treatments for her throat cancer, telling People, "Chemotherapy is not my bag, people. Sorry, that’s not for me.

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    Yes, too bad...I don't watch their shows...

    But now that I'm in this club I tend to have more interest in folks who are also going through similar problems.  I agree with Annie, unfortunately, what I've been able to piece together is that her cancer wasn't HPV related and that she didn't or couldn't follow the recommended treatment plan.  And it didn't work out very well.  Cancer is no joke...I hope that's the takeaway for people.  You can't be cured with essential oils and weed.


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    Being an old fan of Dog Chapman's show with Beth it surely hurt to know she passed from that terrible SCC disease.  I was not aware of her treatment options but if that is true then her husband may feel terrible knowing they didn't do all they could to stop it.  There was nothing mentioned in the article I read.

     With me, I chose to attack my C with every tool available.  If she didn't, I feel sorry for the whole family.

    It is always hard to lose another member of our club.

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    I have no idea who Beth

    I have no idea who Beth Chapman is, but the story you are describing has been played out many times (using alternative treatments). My friend's son was told by his doctor, who apparently recognized his symptoms as lymphoma or melanoma (I can't recall at the moment) that he should go see an oncologist. He declined and said said he could treat it with diet and exercise (he was a genuine health nut).  Sometime later he was in bad shape and finally went to see an oncologist and a month later was dead at age 41.

    Ms Chapman was correct about one thing... that chemo is poison, because it is.  But that poison kills cancer cells as it unfortunately wreaks havoc on other cells in the body.  But as with many things in life, it's a trade-off.

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    Beth's husband, Duane "Dog" has no reason to feel terrible about supporting his wife's "the patient's" decision, regardless of his own desires. They did all they could the first two rounds and  Beth fought a good fight.  Smart for Beth to refuse to receive anymore of the brutal treatment when her condition had reach a point of no return and she lost hope.  I can respect her decision and others who make such as Beth when the moment is upon them. At least she could be fully present as much as possible (instead of weak and vomitting beyond fatigue from treatment) and engage with her family with a level of awareness and dignity, saying good-bye and giving her advice in the name of love until she transition.  Rest in peace Beth and all other fighters!  This is so tough on everyone close to someone fighting the fight.  I pray for more research, discovery, early detections and cures to blast out this  beast called cancer.