Maximum age at which a patient can undergo chemo

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Is there an age beyond which chemo is not advised ? Is there an alternative treatment ?


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    Age not as important as overall health

    I have not seen any age limit set for chemo.  What is more important is does the patient have other serious medical conditions they are being treated for.

    Chemo can interfer with other medications and vice versa.

    Patients of an advanced age should try to find an oncologist who specializes, or at least is familiar, with treatig the elderly.  They can best determine alternative treatments based on the overall health of the patient.

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    Age and Health

    Age and Health are two different considerations.  Some at an advanced age don't want to be put through treatment as it is hard on the mental state, plus physical state of a person.  If that person is in their 70's or 80's and in good condition, depending on the treatment, they might go through it just fine.  It just depends on what the patient and doctor's plans are.