Nick 2 down 10 to go


So I saw my oncologist today as I said previeously I was upgraded to stage 4 I have a 9mm nodual lower L lobe increased from 2mm since March 27th upper L lobe 6cm nodual up from 2mm and a new 5mm nodual center R lobe that was not present the 27th of March doing my 2nd round of Folfox today starting a new pinpoint chemo treatment in 2 weeks if my cardiologist gives approval. I also had a heart attack back in July 2018 1 stint placed so everything must be approved by my cardiologist. Getting a little nervous it seems with every onc visit I get more bad news oh I for got 4 lymph glands (that I can't pronouce) have increased in size since March 27th. treatment side effects still managable. Well I guess that's about it for now.

So far so good!



  • Trubrit
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    8 is better than 10

    I like the sound of 8.  

    I'm sorry you got 'upgraded' to Stage IV, but as you see, there are many of us Stage IV's doing well, or making it work. But for now, you're in the treatment stage and you need to concentrate on that, and then getting out the other side. 

    Hope that your side effects keep at the managable stage. 


  • Annabelle41415
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    Sorry about the increase in size, but I'm glad that you are tolerating treatment so far and other doctor has given you the go ahead to continue on the treatment. It's good that you are keeping the countdown going.  Thank you for the update.