It has been a number of years since I was on this website. I actually lost my login info it has been so long. My cancer battle started in 2007 with rectal tumor.  1 1/2 years later it was in my liver with three tumors. Had surgery, chemo and was clear for about two years and it came back. Another liver resection, more chemo and then a bit of a remission. In 2015 it came back in my liver again. Irrinotecan and cetuximab almost killed me. Took away all my fight but I kept going. I only remember my doctor telling me in 2009, when the cancer showed up in my liver, that if the drugs did not work I had 9 months. Then I went online and saw that I would be fortunate to live another 24 months. I am wriiting this today becuase that was ten years ago. I just had a pet scan and I am completely clear. I am now on a chemo holiday until if and when the cancer comes back again. I was told by my very smart, world renowned doctor that I have a 4% chance of being cured. Been a long time since I was on this site, many years ago, but I wanted to post and say that there is hope even when all the statistics tell a different story of no hope. I have learned so much about my disease and myself during this fight. I have lost many co-fighters along the way and I miss them. I wanted to hopefully remind everyone that there is hope and if there is anything I can do to help you please dont hesitate to ask. For today I have victory over cancer!  Thank you for reading and fight on!


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    Welcome back, Smitty

    And many, many congratulations on being 10 years NED.  

    This is how your post makes us feel running around emoticon, totally excited because this could be us.   And for you, our little celebration man image.

    May you see ten X ten more - well, there abouts, eh. 

    And, did you do anything yourself, apart from chemo, that you think is helping you beat the odds? 


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    Your post is perfect timing

    Your post is perfect timing for to give me hope. You say irinotecan and cetuximab almost killed you, but did it kill the cancer? Asking because I started on these two drugs today. And so happy for you!

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    I see you posted on my post!

    I see you posted on my post! Thank you so much! I needed some hope!

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    Wow and Congratulations

    That is wonderful news.  See that is why you should never look at statistics because they are usually wrong.  Continued health to you and that you for posting after all you have been through to let us know you are doing GREAT.  It's time to celebrate.


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    I'm SO happy to hear that you

    I'm SO happy to hear that you beat the odds!  I have the same thing...metastisized rectal cancer to my lungs. 5 year survival rate of 14%.  It's SO good to hear that those statistics are often wrong.  Gives me hope.  Thank you for posting!


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    Thank you so much for sharing

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Hope is one of the greatest gifts to give and we all need these stories. I pray you'll stay well and not have to deal with this crap any more.


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    Thank you

    its always wonderful to hear stories of survival. Congratulations to you and may you have many more years NED!