June 20th World Kidney Cancer Day

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Sharing this online event happening this Thursday for World Kidney Cancer Day.   More info at the link below!


Summary - KCCure and Kidney Cancer Canada join forces to bring patients and caregivers A DAY OF KIDNEY CANCER TALK on World Kidney Cancer Day!  A DAY OF KIDNEY CANCER TALK is 45-minute “talk” sessions scheduled throughout the day with kidney cancer specialists in Canada, United States and Europe.

We’ll be featuring 45 minute sessions throughout the day with experts from the U.S. and Canada. No presentations, no PowerPoint – just you, other members of the RCC community and RCC experts!

View the full schedule here.




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    Thanks for the information, Laura.  If you are a twitter user, kccure has a pretty good presence with many followers.  I hope to jump at some point during the day on Thursday.  

    Take care!