leukoplakia of the vocal cords


I saw a post of some one who has leukoplakia of the vocal cords and was diognosed with cancer without a biopsy.  I have had 5 surgeries for leukoplakia under general anesthesia.  The last surgery I went to a University Medical Center and had removal of the leukoplakia under local anesthesia. If you are not satisfied with your doctor do not hesitate to go to a University Medical Center.  Also, I have Asthma and have been told that steroids feed leukoplaka.  I no longer use any meds that contain steroids...My surgery was successful and the biopsy for the first time the results of the biopsy is moderate for cancer.  I hope this is helpful.


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    Agreed about academic medical centers...

    Get to one for your diagnosis and your treatment plan.  Often you can then proceed with the specific treatments you need (chemo, radiation, etc...) closer to your home.  Those docs in private practice, while often very good, are usually busy treating patients and not staying up to speed on all the new information and best practices.  Also, specific to this group...head and neck cancers are fairly rare in the grand scheme of cancers...  So general oncologists in the community may only see a handful of them throughout a year...  Go to an AMC and you will end up, usually, with a specific set of docs who see 80-100% of patients with head and neck cancer.  You just can't beat that level of expertise.