Pain in port

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I had my port flushed yesterday. It had been about 8 weeks or so since it was done. I have not had chemo since the end of December so it does not get used.

Today I feel an ache where the port goes into my artery in my neck. It’s almost like twinges. So it doesn’t really hurt, just is kind of throbbing.

Has anyone else had this feeling in their port? I’m just concerned about blood clots.





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    I never did with mine. Maybe

    I never did with mine. Maybe give them a call?


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    They have some sort of simple port scan. The surgeon who put it in will know. I don t recall the correct term but they would understand. Butt.

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    Port pain

    Hi Kazenmax, I had those same sensations with all of my ports, the neck insertion into the internal jugular vein area was very sensitive, especially turning my head. I did develop a DVT of the upper extremity that was diagnosed by ultrasound, very easy test--but I had extreme pain under my arm (axillary vein was clotted) that was severe enough to get me to seek treatment--if your pain persists I would defintitely call your doc. Best of luck and hope things get better!

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    I had a port leak..

    I had a port leak during Oxaliplatin infusion Which caused a blood clot. It had to be removed and replaced on the other side.

    Then 80 days of xarelta a blood thinner.

     I would see my doctor 

    Good Luck

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    I'm late to the party

    And I hope that you have called your Doctor by now, because that is what I would do.

    You know the saying, 'better safe than sorry'.


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    I have no idea
    On this, but I hope whatever it is turns out to be nothing!
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    I've heard that this can happen especially when it isn't flushed at least once a month, at least that's what they told me.  You should have contacted your doctor by now if it hasn't gotten any better.  Any update you can give us?