Not sure where to post this.

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I'm sorry, i am not sure where to put this. But i'm looking for information. I've been dragging this with me for to long and the internet is chaos. 

My father was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma NH and lungcancer) late 2012. He died quickly, in januari 2014, a day after his 73rd birthday, not being a shade of the man he used to be. But at his own wishes. A while after he died, I was watching pictures of a vacation he and my mother spend with me and my ex-wife in South-America. And I remembered him saying near the end of the two weeks how surprised he was that he had not been bitten by any musquito at all. We had all stayed in the same house, did the same things, went to the same places. And I know that my father used to be bitten by musquitos, as we used to fish together.

This vacation however was in april 2011, more than a year befor he was diagnosed. He had not even seen a doctor yet about any cancerrelated complaints. 

Now I read that some patients are not bitten during chemo, but are bitten again after chemo. But i'm looking for more stories that can confirm my hunch that mosquito's can sense or taste someone's illness at least in some cases or some stages. I simply do not believe that someone who used to got bitten all the time, suddenly get's passed on by every damn mosquito, especially in the tropics. 

I haver come across a piece of text that sais: mosquito's taste the blood, before they inject 'venom' into a persons body. Maybe that is how they de-select people with certain illnesses? Maybe there is something we can learn from that?

If you have the same experience, that you were bitten before you got cancer, but not after, Or you know or knew someone who that applies too, please let me know. Thank you !