Upcoming appointments with my medical team!!

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HI all H&N members. Just wanted to let you guys know I have a swallowing xray next Wednesday and in mid-June an appt with my ENT. I still can't eat or drink and look forward to seeing if my scar tissue is still my issue. My ENT told me before that it's going to take me more time. Ugh.. Been on feeding tube 1 year. I feel like an 96 yr old handicapped woman walking around with an IV for half a day. Really sucks! But I do have a very good throat doctor who I put a lot of faith in. Please wish me good luck. I really enjoy this forum. It's amazing how many people who are sick  themselves and are strangers reach out an try to help others. I will tell you to have faith in God and accept the moral support your family can give you. Hugs to you all!


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    Suez39 Prayers Your Way

    And hope your appointment goes well in mid-June and that they can find a solution or different exercises that might help. Maybe some scar tissue could be removed or altered, don't know if it's possible. The tube is a lifesaver I know it was for me but we all want it only temporarily. Just keep looking ahead to the day when you can start getting something through by the old swallowing way. I know my words don't help much but I just try to give folks support. God Bless

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    We all know...

    ...that patience is so important, but it can be so hard to endure. I sincerely hope your ENT gets you on a path to a solution to this swallowing issue, and one that gets you there quickly (as measured in H&NC time, and we all know how that goes).